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The Used-After AFI, they are most definetly the best band on the face of the earth! And who cares if Bert McCraken spit on your friend?! I'd pay to have Bert McCraken spit me! THE USED ARE AWESOME! (and they arent no fucking pop punk band! so screw you!)
The Used are what i live for!
by GCKA September 14, 2003
Nickname for a character in the greatest movie of all time'' The Goonies" who quotes the famous line "Yeah?! Well this one! This one right here! This was my wish! My dream! And it didn't come true! So I'm takin' it back! I'm takin' 'em all back! *plunges into the water*
*Mouth is fricking awesome! Although Chunk and Data are better!
Hey You Guuuuyyys!!
by GCKA November 02, 2003
The coolest character in The Goonies! Sloth is slightly deformed but very loving. His best friend is Chunk (Lawrence) and he enjoys Baby Ruths alot. He is very strong and he quotes the semi-famous line "HEY YOU GUUUYYYYYYYSSSS!"
sloth is awesome, i wish i could wiggle my ears like slot
by GCKA December 06, 2003
An awesome character from the movie " The Goonies ' a totally kick ass movie, Data is the little chinese kid who creates a bunch of sweet ass shit, and can not pronounce booby trap, the goonies are awesome!
Stef:Where are you going?
Data: To set boody twaps.
Stef:You mean booby traps..?
Data: Thats what i SAID! Boody twaps!
by GCKA December 06, 2003

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