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1. Synonym for Damn.
2. Surname from Vietnamese culture
1. Dang, too bad we lost
2. My name is Tracy Dang
by twenty5 July 12, 2004
228 157
Dang is a word that was originally used by southerners. It was instead of saying damn because... I don't know why.
That dang cat keeps getting out.
by Laurence June 17, 2004
1403 405
A euphemism for the word 'damn.'
Oh dang, I just missed my train!
by Mr. X-106 October 23, 2003
605 319
A variation of the ever-popular damn.
Used mostly by old people, as (according to them) damn is too harsh a swear word to be uttered.
Used to show great frustration or annoyance or to reinforce/exclaim a point.
"Dang! I forgot to feed the bird this morning!"

"Shut that dang refrigerator!"

"Hot diggity dang!"

"Oh dang. Everyone's going to know my identity now!"

"Dang it! I just stubbed my danged toe!"
by b3c November 18, 2005
477 289
Softer version of "damn". Similar to "darn". Used mostly by Southerners and Mormons.
"It's that skin, dang it"
- David Archuleta
by whckster12 May 09, 2009
249 145
Dang she's good lookin!
by xplicit-kid February 10, 2003
181 126
surprise; unexpected
Dang...that car is fast.
by FidyBrock September 09, 2003
153 119