Dang is versatile - it can be used to express anger or frustration at something for example "Oh dang!" or in extreme cases an anger dang is a volatile shouting of the word, thereby eliminating the need for swearing.

On the flip side it can be used to expressed interest, suprise or acceptance to something, again phrased as "oh dang" but softer, with less inflection.

The word dang is also in common use in America, as an alternative to darn or damn.
After stubbing your toe - OH DANG! (loud and with emphasis on the 'dang')

In reply to : What do you think of my new laptop, "oh dang!" (said jauntily with affection)
by Titch - The Top Of My Mouth July 25, 2009
-When your attempt failes in public.
-To confirm youre failure.
-When things go bad.
- Your foot gets shredded by the lawnmower.
- Bird flies over and shits in your neck.
- Your boss asks for your reply to your $10.000,- mistake.
by APE *** March 11, 2005
Dumb Ass Nigger Gorilla, Dumb Ass Nigger Gordon. A term used to describe any ignorant individual, regardless of race, who fails to recognize their own ignorance.

Gordon, quit being a D.A.N.G., you are wrong yet again.
by DANGordon February 18, 2008
it's more then a hang but not a date or just a hook-up (aka bang); a hang out with intentions of a potential date; a date without the specifications of being a date

hang + date = dang
We went on a dang.
by waia July 26, 2010
The sound of a bell somewhere between the 'ding' of a bell on a hotel reception desk and the 'dong' of a bell the size of Big Ben.
Listen to that bell go dang, dang, dang.
by Lev Stern May 24, 2010
An asian kid with a small dong. His name is usually confused with the sound of a bell.
Guy 1: Have you seen Dang?
Guy 2: You mean heard?
Guy 1: Nah I meant seen! You know, the one with the small dong?
Guy 2: Oooh yeah, "Dang".
by Fuckin' Cunt November 28, 2014
A word used in the beginning of a sentence to express great amazement and awe.
Dang! Dat nigga fine!
by silb May 10, 2005

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