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A red neck child's way of saying a "curse word. oooooooooooooohhhhhh"
Dang, the wheat ain't ready for cuttin'! What are we gonna do, Pa?
by David April 24, 2003
A phrase that is used for people who are (for some reason) afraid of saying the word "Damn."
Dang! That lady stepped on my toe!
by Your mom. But no, seriously. January 11, 2009
another word for a penis
His dang was huge.
by Mowg August 03, 2009
Dang is a word thats is ALWAYS used from a character called Dijon-Nay from the show penny proud.
1. "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNG! You just got jacked by the gross sisters"
2. Dang girl, you look hot in that dress!
by Carmm November 10, 2008
a very good or dank sandwich that leaves the consumer fully satisfied.
"im hungry, gotta cop a dang"
by Kookles February 06, 2008
1. A penis; the male genitalia; derived from the word dong.
Damn Chris has a huge DANG!
by Saydin May 30, 2007
a cross between something that is funny and stupid
you danga!

it will be such a dang!

dont cowan him u danga
by MrCowan December 04, 2007