a cross between something that is funny and stupid
you danga!

it will be such a dang!

dont cowan him u danga
by MrCowan December 04, 2007
another word for HOLY SHIT
by LilJOnwhattt August 01, 2005
Original use: An Australian word for the filthy hair surronding a sheeps asshole.
Common use: Often used to make fun of someones facial hair.
Your dang is getting a bit long isn't it.
You have some vegemite smeared on yer dang.
by Mr. Milk September 13, 2006
To do something.
Carefree Partier: "You keen to dang a few lines and then dang it(leave)?"
Hungry Partyier: "We should dang this food mission before we go out."
by Diego August 14, 2003
is a term used for penis (n)
Yo wasup baby, you wanna suck my dang?
by lancy March 14, 2005
A word commonly used in Western Australia to describe mishaps, similar to using the word 'fuck' or the phrase 'what a pitty'. The word originated by MLC girls in early 2004. The word is shunned apon by all onlookers and should never be used.
"You were supposed to come over today and boonst me."

"DANG - shit happens"
by Smelly Melly September 16, 2004
A word used to describe when a girl has loose and flappy labia.
That girl got some dang!
by josh carley August 23, 2005

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