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1. Advanced Placement. College level courses in high school and/or college level tests that measures knowledge in a subject
2. Associated Press (Journalism)
3. Anti-Personnel
4. Armor Piercing
5. Asian Pride..
1. I scored a perfect 5 on my AP test!
2. Urban Times (AP) - Kids pass Ebonics test with flying colors.
3. Ruins an infantryman's day
4. Ditto
5. No comment
by twenty5 July 13, 2004
Portland, Oregon is the City of Roses
Can you smell the roses? We must be in Portland!
by twenty5 July 13, 2004
1. Designer clothing that stands for 'Donna Karen New York'
1. I just bought this shirt from DKNY
by twenty5 July 12, 2004
1. Synonym for Damn.
2. Surname from Vietnamese culture
1. Dang, too bad we lost
2. My name is Tracy Dang
by twenty5 July 12, 2004
Vietnamese for 'fatass'. Not literally a fat 'ass' but a fat person.
Hey map dit, what's up?
by twenty5 July 12, 2004
1. Used as shortehand version for 'know what i mean?'
Person A: Blahblahblahblah, knaw?
by twenty5 July 12, 2004
Alternate spelling for sexy
Damn that girl is seksy!
by twenty5 July 12, 2004
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