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15 definitions by b3c

v. describes the action of ignoring, failing to notice, or pretending not to see someone.
a person is usually snubbed when they are disliked or the other person couldnt be bothered talking to them.
see also blow off, fuck off

Pete: Stephanie snubbed me today when she walked past. What a dog! It's just cause she's stuck up.
Joe: Maybe it's not that at all. Maybe it's because your head looks like a rockmelon.
Pete: Maybe.
by b3c July 16, 2005
1.a word used to describe a person (usually female) who is extremely ugly, disfigured, fat, or smelly.

2.one who is not appealing at all to members of the opposite sex.

3.a word used to describe someone who pisses another off or is annoying
1. "Kaitlin has nothing going for her. She is a mole."

2. Gary: Did you see that chick?
Steve: Yeah, she is a mole

3. Jane: Hey Amy
Amy: Fuck off Jane, you mole
by b3c July 14, 2005
A variation of the ever-popular damn.
Used mostly by old people, as (according to them) damn is too harsh a swear word to be uttered.
Used to show great frustration or annoyance or to reinforce/exclaim a point.
"Dang! I forgot to feed the bird this morning!"

"Shut that dang refrigerator!"

"Hot diggity dang!"

"Oh dang. Everyone's going to know my identity now!"

"Dang it! I just stubbed my danged toe!"
by b3c November 18, 2005
A useless slut who has done nothing to be where she is today. A freeloader. The untalented bitch who is famous for having money **sad** A skinny whore who can't even operate something as simple as a toaster. Lindsay Lohans idol. When you hear the words "like," "totally" or "totally and stuff!" repeatedly, you know Paris Hilton is around.
Paris Hilton: I'm a useless slut! yay!

**Have you seen House of Wax? How did she get a part in that? oh thats right, cause they never employ real actresses for shitty teen slasher shit movies.
by b3c July 16, 2005
the hottest guys that exist. cute, sexy, sporty, fun-loving and friendly.
Aussie (male)s are the hottest males. I know this cause i see them every day.
by b3c October 06, 2005
a word which can be used to describe or define something which is disgusting, yucky, smelly, unsightly or dirty. See also rancid
1. "Check out that old lady's hair. Now thats rotten"
2. Person 1: Dont eat that sandwich.
Person 2: Why not?
Person 1: It looks rotten.
Person 2: But i made it today. Its probably the egg thats making it look funny...
Person: No, not FUNNY. ROTTEN. and yes, it would have to be the egg.
by b3c September 11, 2005
go by the above definition, but the nod of acknowledgement is sometimes accompanied by a slight raising of the eyebrows and a slight grin...kind of like "ahh, yes. i see what you are doing. good job. good job."
friend 1 sees friend 2 trying to chat up a girl from the other side of the room. friend one then proceeds to nod his head, with eyebrows slightly raised, and grin slightly grinning.
Friend 2: (thinking) Jim can see me talking to this girl...sweet. he's nodding and raising the eyebrows. sweet (nods back)
Friend 1: (nod of acknowledgement towards friend 1) (thinking) Mmmhmm. That girl is hot.
by b3c October 19, 2005