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a "smily" icon that means that means if the person is either yelling or screaming, the reverse of "XD"
Cher:You heard about Abby winning the lottery?

by BruinKiller3469 April 04, 2009
Diagnosis. usually used referring to a mental health dianosis.
person 1: so whats your dx

person 2: bipolar, yours?
by deathbeomesher January 06, 2009
The opposite of XD. Used in IM and Message Boards.
- So then, I was all... Are you listening?
- DX
by Dre Tran July 12, 2006
Radio term for "extended distance".
What "extended distance" really is could be 100 miles, 1000 miles, 10,000 miles, it is pretty grey as to an exact number or distance.
11-meter pirate radio operators use the frequency of 27.555 MHz (27555.0 kHz) for DX calling.
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 23, 2003
Radio term for "Distance."
-At night this set will pull in some great DX with a decent antenna.

-I stayed up all night DX'ing
by BlastMaster September 21, 2003
A RWD version of the Toyota Corolla very popular in New Zealand.
Me and Mike were doing some mad skids in the DX last night
by TRD_rollawgn May 30, 2005
A beaten face.
*gets slapped* DX
by qwerewq March 02, 2004
A dick sucker. Or DX
Oh my god your are such a DX!
by Katt March 05, 2004
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