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a "smily" icon that means that means if the person is either yelling or screaming, the reverse of "XD"
Cher:You heard about Abby winning the lottery?

by BruinKiller3469 April 04, 2009
Telling someone to suck your dick, pro-wrestling style. Comes from Degeneration X, who came up with the gesture.
I dont' give a fuck. DX Suck It!
by Urban Dictionary October 21, 2003
A name of a clique in the WWE D-Generation X.Telling someone If you aint down with that I got two words for ya SUCK IT!!!(referring to male genitalia)
Man 1:I want respect.

Man 2:You want respect I got two words for ya Suck It!!courtesy of DX
by D-generation X October 10, 2006
A dead face. Sometimes used when screaming or scared. Similar to D:
1. I just got eletricuted! DX
2. Hellooooooo?!?! DX
3. After watching that movie, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight DX
by The_Epic_Chic October 28, 2009
a short way to abbreviate the integral of e to the power of xy. also known as a nerdy way to call something sexy. pronounced "dicks".
aww dude thats so dx!
by duganal September 01, 2010
US military lingo for "damage exchange" used to describe getting rid of or exchanging a damaged item for a new or better one.
My girlfriend Jen was getting too possessive, so I had to dx her for Sarah.
by Scobri June 15, 2010
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