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We fix the things all the stupid fools with computers break
I don't understand how to operate my computer yet want it to do things that are impossible with the software I'm using. I know! I'll call the Helpdesk and make them do it for me!
by Katt October 24, 2003
Gross, disgusting, unbearable
A man or woman that is uglt or dirty you can call Schkeevey. You may also combine with other words.....Schkeevey Bastard.
by Katt November 19, 2004
1. Crazy 2. Pyscotic 3. Carefree 4. Wild 5. Rain-loving
Deh Katteth be hotteth.
She's Katteth.
by Katt December 15, 2003
1. l337
2. An over-obsessive Otaku fangirl who is obsessed with Kakashi.
3. Being the nickname that was given to Katt, adding the 'u' at the end made it cuter.
Kattu-chan is teh awesomeness ^^!
by Katt December 13, 2003
1. Sweet 2. Awesome 3. Amazing
Surfer 1: Did you nail any narley waves today?
Surfer 2: Yeah! I totally nailed this ten-footer! It was awesome.
Surfer 1: Sweetnessesnessinessosity!
by Katt December 15, 2003
A dick sucker. Or DX
Oh my god your are such a DX!
by Katt March 05, 2004

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