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torture dressed as fun
Don't mind the ribbing man, it's just that social life...
by wriggler February 21, 2005
1. lack of privacy
2. lie told before object receives fucking, meaning that it is in fact or has become personal, dismissal phrase of contempt and judgemental superiority
*see 'word'* exposition above
by wriggler February 21, 2005
1. insignificant or small, used dismissively
2. fluids produced by masturbation
1. Let's blow this jerkwater town!
2. ...and alot of jerkwater came out!
by wriggler February 23, 2005
disguise of one's learned or inate prejudice's/biases in public
We are very tolerant of *sic* behavior here.
by wriggler February 21, 2005
to gradually acclimatize another into previously untried or forbidden behavior, control, lead into deep water
By smearing peanut butter on her cooter, she conditioned her doberman to provide her 'non-prime time' pleasure
by wriggler February 21, 2005
confidence game used to fade an opponent out of position, when used correctly trust may be used to eliminate friends and/or enemies
You are my best friend. I trust you...
by wriggler February 21, 2005
on a scale of 0-5 in socio-economic status, level 1
Man, that fucker is so broke he lives in the cellar but at least he's not in the street
by wriggler February 21, 2005
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