An abbreviation for the Dave Matthews Band. Formed in early 1991, the band consists of Boyd Tinsley, Dave Matthews, Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, and Leroi Moore. They are staples of the summer concert touring season and are well known among pop and jam band fans alike.
Crash is one of DMB's most well known songs.
by Jenn March 05, 2005
Short for Dick Move, Bro. Used whenever someone does something rude, or unnecessary to their friend.
John: Hey Ted, you know the girl you want to bang?
Ted: Yeah?
John: I F***ed her last night!
Ted: DMB
by JaLiv6 July 21, 2010
Don't make bullshit!
Come on guys, DMBS!
by Ozgo March 06, 2013
Drafting girls into sexual activities, and the v-card exterminator
DMB is a activity that you pick your hook up and you do what ever you want. usually started with 4+ girls and guys and they choose who they want to "DMB" or "Draft"
by fantastic 4 member December 10, 2012
Drugs, Money, Bitches.
A gang/lifestyle.
DMB for Life.
One Love.
by xBigCatx January 18, 2011
Deep mouth blow job
When the girl gets your dick all the way back there
Pretty awesome, my girlfriend gave me a DMB
by trinton08 April 14, 2011
Dave Matthews Band (DMB) is the muzak soundtrack of the yuppie (and proto-yuppie) class's lifestyle.

DMB exists to provide "chill time" and a false sense of third-world earthiness (he's like, white, but African, yanno?) between Economics papers and/or Marketing Team meetings.

DMB is carefully formulated to be well-played and intricately composed while guaranteeing not to significantly challenge its listeners' musical expectations, social viewpoints, and hazy comfort beyond pot-laced commentary like ". . .man. . .that solo is fucking GENIUS!"

In short, DMB is the Kenny G of the Bonnaroo generation.
I was crazy stressed from my Econ test already, then my dad called to tell me my mutual fund was down. Bullshit! So I packed a bowl and slipped on some DMB to, y'know, chillax.
by RJ to the C March 16, 2008
Do my Butt. Basically to do yourself
Im going to DMB to meet with you today
by DoMBee December 09, 2009

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