Dave Matthews Band. Kings of AAA (Adult Album Alternative)
And we got DMB coming up next on 93 XRT.
by 1069 September 25, 2005
Acronym for the now defunct Disturbed Message Board, which was closed down in 2005 because the band (more specifically David Draiman and Mike Wengren) couldn't take the heat of their own fans critisims.
" What happend to the DMB?"
" Draiman had a freak out and ordered it closed"
by DMBMember September 11, 2006
I heard of a guy married to a Domme. She had him tied up in knots.
He said she knew what she was doing. It was DMB
by Criostoir Hulme September 23, 2006
DMB is an acronym for Dirty Mucky Bitch
"No. There is no way I would go out with that one. She has been out with all the guys in the town. They all say she is a DMB. Several of them had to go to the hospital for a check after they had been out with her"
by I. M. Stias February 07, 2006
DMB, a shitty unoriginal nonsense abbreviation for Dumb Masturbating Bitches. They have smelly pussies and bite the heads off babies on stage for entertainment and to turn on the fucked up souls who venture to their shit holes they call concerts. They always play with dildos shoved far up their ass cracks and always wear Sex Panther in the case of a serial rapist coming backstage for a good time UH. Their chodes always sweat intensly and each smell like a locker room full of gay guys in one huge sweaty sauna orgy. Thank you and goodnight.
dude DMB is currently sucking on the end of george bush's bush hairs and covering them in grey poupon and humping my door, John Belushis titties make me so horny.
by wewillrockyou July 27, 2006
A paraody of Dave Matthews Band refering to someone named Dave Matthews
I gotta call my friend, DMB.
by Mr. Dave May 13, 2005
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