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the greatest, funniest wecomic around, created by god herself and handed down to the explosm crew, if you havent seen it yet, then your a failure at life and need to adress the problem immediately, also get laid you fat ugly bastard.
one time i read cyanide and happiness and pissed myself laughing so hard. then i ate some cheese wizz, that shit is the mad note.
by wewillrockyou July 28, 2006
the result of 3 bottle of jack daniels, a bed, and a woman with a penis. god damn i miss that woman... er... thing
When i woke up the next morning, i was in for a tranny surprise!
by wewillrockyou July 28, 2006
a condition normal people are put in when sugar we're going down or some other shitty emo song comes on the raido
oh FUCK, theyre playing my chemical romance again, need to stuff some tissues in so i dont get bleeding ears again.
by wewillrockyou July 28, 2006
to put gum on the part of a handle of a car where the owner puts his/her hand to open the door, especially on an expensive car such as a BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, or the ultimate challenge Ferrari. if you handlefuck a Corvette i will personally come to your house and shove a chainsaw through your heart. sick fuck.
kid 1:dude check out the tool that just got out of his new BMW Z8. because we're poor stoners who cant afford sweet cars lets use some juicy fruit and handlefuck that bitches car.
kid 2: fuck yeah. jihad that pubehead.
by wewillrockyou December 16, 2006
a whale out of water is a morbidly obese "human" wearing fishnets on numerous parts of its "body". named because it is the size of a whale, is walking on land, and has obviously broken numerous fishermen's nets. its normal habitat is in/around topic and is a good sign to run like fuck and handlefuck some douche bags' cars on the way out.
steve:HOLY FUCK DUDE. i just barfed up a kidney and both my llungs when that whale out of water walked by in nothing but a skimpy bikini and fishnet. god damnit what is this world coming to. and why is the holocaust over???
eric:dude i think my eyes are bleeding and ive possibly become sterile. and the holocaust is over because your idol commited suicide like 40 years ago. fag.
by wewillrockyou December 16, 2006
1. slang for cum, jizz, skeet, man juice, boob lube, etc. especially that from a jewish male.

2. slang for fellatio, head, face, bj etc.
1. Dude, look at Jared's pants, he's got schmutzle all over them. Must be hanging out with Aaron again. Damn.

2. Dude last night Mr. Sudiki gave schmutzle to emerson and he liked it!
by wewillrockyou November 27, 2006
instead of defining this piece of shit sometimes called a band. ill do a favor for you and sum up all their lyrics.
*ohio iz 4 luvers playing*
Leroy: Damn, what the fuck is that shit.
Emo kid: shut up porch monkey hawthorne heights stuff makes me cry
Leroy: No, fuck you cracker. your emo music sucks and i wish MCR had died in that car crash *caps*
(i have no problem with black people, i apologize for the sterotype, thought it might add to the humor)
by wewillrockyou August 12, 2006
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