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What the uneducated and under skilled drivers call Tailgating. Its when you follow closely behind another car traveling at a high rate of speed to decrease the amount of air resistance on your awesome sports car so as to save a little money on fuel or get up more speed to slingshot around him.
"Doesn't this jerk know I'm drafting so i can save money with these outrageous gas prices??"
by Pyrosis March 10, 2008
v. 1) reducing wind resistance by tucking in behind a moving object while riding a skateboard, bike, racecar, hospital stretcher etc.

2) a sexual act.
Dude! You should have been with me yesterday! I totally saw that Penelope chick drafting a bus.

Really? I'm actually kind of glad I missed that.
by gnostic1 August 17, 2011
(verb) Whilst in a large crowd, the act of using the path cleared by the large person you are closely following.
Bob: I hate these mall crowds, it takes forever to get through.

Joe: That's ok, I'm drafting behind Fatty McGee. LATER!
by echowhatecho February 25, 2010
See D.O.
Welcome to hell.
not pergurtory
this is the real deal.
the devil will be standing over your ass laughing at the work you slave over for hours.
drafting is ruled by a man known as Tanner
There is a slim wait microscopic chance that you will not have to stay before and after school to work so you dont fail this fucking class.
never never take this class, your friends will say hey this will be fun. hahahhahahahah

ill see you in hell
we all thought drafting was fun till my mom kicked my ass
by aaron March 16, 2004
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