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The freedom to get rich, and the freedom to screw over as many people as possible in the process.

Also known as Libertarian Capitalism, not to be confused with Libertarian Socialism, which can lay a true claim to the term.
Libertarianism (Well the Capitalist version atleast) is the most brutal form of government possible.

How would you like to pay for air?
by Desaparecido April 30, 2005
An acronym for the horrifically untalented Dave Matthews Band.

Music that appeals to brainwshed media zombies, yuppies or brainwashed media zombies who also happen to be yuppies.

Fans of said band are known to have a weakness for SUVs, lattes from Starbucks, white baseball caps and condos.
You know someone has a huge ego when he's in a band, and he puts 'band' at the end of his own fucking name.
by Desaparecido June 26, 2005
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