An acronym for the horrifically untalented Dave Matthews Band.

Music that appeals to brainwshed media zombies, yuppies or brainwashed media zombies who also happen to be yuppies.

Fans of said band are known to have a weakness for SUVs, lattes from Starbucks, white baseball caps and condos.
You know someone has a huge ego when he's in a band, and he puts 'band' at the end of his own fucking name.
by Desaparecido June 26, 2005
An acronym for the band called Dave Matthews Band. Known mostly for their shitty ass music. Quite honestly, they are one of the more overrated bands out there.
kid 1: hey man, let's smoke up
kid 2: ok, let me put on some music. *plays DMB
kid 1: what the fuck man!?!? *pukes all over himself and takes a shit on the cd*
by the man December 28, 2004
dmb=dave mathews band which is one of the shittiest bands on earth!!!! the suck so much balls that they should just all blow up
dmb is so friggin gay
by THOAP!!Y THOAP!!ERSON December 08, 2004

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