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Acronym for "Desi Girl Crew"

or the evil group of indian girls with mustaches who will ruin your life. It sounds scary. Like the "FBI" or the "IRS"
dude, some girl from the dgc kept asking for my biodata!
by DESIMONSTER October 17, 2011
don't get close

It is an acronym originating from the streets of Toronto warning others that you are willing to scrap
You see that man over there? he strapped, DGC!
by forgottenmemories November 05, 2014
An acronym standing for Disturbingly Giant Chest. Is the exact opposite of DFC.
I was looking for DFC last night when I came across some DGC! I was trolled!
by The antiness August 19, 2009
Danielle G. Clothing, clothing that promotes smoke-free living.
"She just ordered a DGC t-shirt"
by Danielle G. December 25, 2008
Destiny Gamers Club. An nice small LAN of regular attendees.
DGC owns you.
by Hewus September 26, 2003
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