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Anyone who fails to recognize a troll and responds to it with anger or annoyance is said to have been "trolled". Being trolled often results in large quantities of butthurt.
*On an online forum*
Guy 1: You internet geeks are pathetic! I can bench 300lbs and have a banging hot girlfriend. (She just blew me, shit was SO cash.)
Guy 2: You think you're so much better than us? FOAD, internet tough guy!

Guy 3: lol! You got trolled!
by y=mx+b January 17, 2009
What happens in the online comments to politicians that piss off filmmaker Billy Corben
Commissioner Micky Ross Steinberg: "What is 'trolled'?"

Commissioner Michael Grieco: "It's what Billy Corben does to Mayor Philip Levine every day."
When you don't make any cups during a beer pong game, and its game over, you trolled. Must take a pic under the table with your drinks and upload to facebook. Its makes it official.
Joser didn't make any cups this game, like normal, so he trolled, he has to take a pic under the table with his beer and it will be uploaded to facebook.
by Don'tKnow February 19, 2012
To successfully "own" someone or have a better comeback.
Nick: You're the shit I eat for breakfast!

Noelle: You eat shit for breakfast?

Nick: Oh....

Noelle: Ha!!! Trolled!!!
by ha_thats_cool March 19, 2011
When someone is so horrible at Beer Pong, and misses every shot in their last game. They must sit under the table for the entire next game.
Dude you fucking suck at this game! You just trolled yourself.
by Bondomination April 10, 2009
to "get" someone.
to "burn" someone
to "pwn" someone
or best of all to leave people like cody speachless.
awesome chick: hey you're gaming skills suck
cody: ......
awesome chick: YOU'VE JUST BEEN TROLLED.
by awesomeness_chick_1000192 March 03, 2009
Being dissed or rejected, usually due to a troll like appearance. Being denied sexual acts because of your hideousness.
I got trolled last night at da club.

by crunkdaddy September 27, 2006
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