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Delicious Flat Chest
(while looking at questionable images on the internet of underaged girls)

mmmmmmm... DFC


She had a DFC
by floor May 02, 2007
Typically associated with an Australian railfan or Railpager (See Gunzel). Abbreviation for Dribbly Foamer Cunt.
I see a DFC is talking about trains!
by MrFUD July 25, 2008
Dumb Freshman Club

Members of the DFC gather when they hear the chant " D-F-C! D-F-C!" to do tequila suicides.
"Are you part of DFC yet? Even Mitsu is!"
by RoxanneJizzelda March 01, 2014
Acronym for "Down For Chinese?
Jess: "Babe, you DFC?"
Matt: "Yeah babe I've been craving Chinese food all week!"
by MattDawggy November 19, 2015
An acronym/nickname for a sleezy night club fully translates to the Dirty Fucking Club. This term is reserved for night clubs that hold themselves to be super luxurious when in fact they are barely one step up from a strip club or a disco on a cruise ship.
Jody: “Hey, I thought you were going out with Tom tonight?”

Jenna: “Oh no, that douche bag is up in the D.F.C. again tonight!”
by JennieLynn23 April 29, 2009

"Drunk Foo Can't See"
- Can be used during/after a night of drinking, in which you have reached an inebriated/hungover state.
- Can also be used to describe a state of mind, not necessarily the literal state of drunk.
Man, I'm struggling through this meeting. I'm DFCS.

I can't believe the Steelers won the Super Bowl. I'm DFCS.
by Gmail Crew April 17, 2009
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