the abbreviation for the 160-proof alcoholic beverage (vodka) Devil Springs
Person 1: What happened to you last night?
Person 2: Dude I don't remember what happened last night,all I know is I woke up in front the wrong dorm building naked with a d*ck drawn on my chest, a princess towel around my neck cradling an empty bottle of DS like a baby...BEST TUESDAY EVER!!!!!
by Sticky Fingersz December 18, 2009
Drunk Slut. A term commonly used when one is appearing to behave drunken and disorderly in public, when in all actuality they are simply sober and looking to have a good time.
Geoffrey: Why is that bitch stumbling?
Lauren: Oh, she's such a DS.
by HoldenPhrases May 16, 2011
To get real real drunk and jump into a canal during the day. To get hopped up on pudding and bud lite and jump into body of water
yo! did you hear about Dave. He was having some bud lights at scotty's and decide to do a D.S
by Sharkton January 26, 2011
Acronym for "Daily Shit". A D.S is penetrating feces out of your anus daily.
Damn bro, I wish I could D.S like Sabrina Marie Wilkerson.
by Sab123123 November 03, 2010
short form of dumb slut
"she's a slut....and she's really dumb....but what could that be?"

"DS fa sho!"
by Ferrajuke December 02, 2009
acronym referring to dick skin; reference for women to make in general conversation to express whether they "got any" or "want some" of the male member
I can't believe how long it's been since I've gotten a little DS.
by jmaccs March 12, 2009
Abbreviation for dead sexy; the hotness level in between very sexy and too sexy.
Daymmm!! That girl Charise is SOO D S!
by Djoli Starr June 21, 2006

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