DS, the acronym for "Double Strafe", is a skill in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online used by the ranger based classes, such as the Hunter. It hits a target twice per use. A minimum of 3.9 times based damage is dealt to the target once the skill is mastered. The skill can stack with the elemental property of arrows the ranger is carrying and can exceed 7.5 times base damage per use depending on the targets vulnerabilities. The skill can be chained and cast multiple times a second, and can devastate most targets, including other players and boss monsters. Among its advantages, the skill has extremely low cost consumption, and can be launched from anywhere on the screen. While DS hits two times when fired, the skill does not consume arrows from the ranger as of late 2002 through early January 2005. It is seen as a fault in Ragnarok Online’s mechanics by some when the ranger skill DS does not consume arrows when combined with its very high damage output. It is a possibility that the skill will be patched in the future to consume arrows when used.
"My build is one 1 strength, 99 agility, and 99 dexterity. I can DS a few times a second because of my high attack speed and rarely if ever miss."

"I solo the boss simply by hitting and running with DS."

"Spam DS and charge arrow and most players will die before they can touch you."
by Rallos Zek January 21, 2005
Acronym for "Dick-Sucked" - to receive or expect to receive fellatio.

This term is non-gender specific; it must therefore be followed up with specifics as to what sex one is getting their DS by.

Brought to you by LinxMeTV - Find us on Youtube!

(Originally coined by Matt R.I.B.)
"Hey Bo - you could totally get your DS tonight - if that's what you want" - Matt

"If a straight guy wants to get his DS by hot girls, he needs to go to a gay club!" - Matt
by Bo Linxme July 07, 2013
abbreviation for done son.

the state of being drunk off your ass.

also can be used as a verb: to DS is to get drunk
"Wow did you see Ben last night?"
"Yeah, he was completely DS"
by geraldine6667 August 20, 2010
D's stand for dubs, not to be confused with daytons... d's stand for any rims 20 inches and up... 20's dubs... makes sense doesnt it? people think d's stand for daytons cause of rich boys throw some d's but they didnt have a single shot of dayton wired rims in the whole video
throw some d's on that bitch, just bought a cadillac
by master deuce deuce April 23, 2009
dS is the abbreviation for DIRTY SQUAD. The filthiest cwalk crew ever made !
dS owns other crews !
by Joyce! March 22, 2008
to receive a blow-job.
"I'm going to Montreal to get my D S'ed"
by getbeats August 15, 2007
dick stopper nose

I wouldn't go out with her because she has a huge d.s. or If you want a blowjob from that girl it isn't worth the time, because she has a big d.s.
by Jason Raymond November 10, 2006

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