Dip Shit
Only a d.s. would make fun of someone with down syndrome.
by Fredro February 15, 2004
Designated Shoulder (to cry on)
usually someone's best friend.
Jennie's boyfriend cheated on her, that little bastard. I guess I'll be the DS...
by ooh la la! April 24, 2010
DS is an acronym for "Dirty Slut(s)". Often times, these initials are used to create a fictitious name of either another bro or chick friend when referring to 'dirty sluts' in the presence of others, such as your girlfriend, and cannot openly say it.

-A socially acceptable and polite term for women who do not behave as ladies. Cane be used both positively and negatively.
DS for life.

I wanna go to Indochine because i think "Danny Smith" may be there.


Babe, i gotta go meet my buddy "Dante Simms".

Q: Did you see "Dom Stevens"?

A: Hahaha yeah i sure did, AND his cousin. They were visiting from out of town so they crashed at my place. (Translation: Nig I had a threesome with two fuckin sluttay ass skanks, and i raw-dawgged and came on of of their faces).
by AnaMolaY February 03, 2010
d.s. stands for "don't shy". Originated from UConn where the boys needed a slang word to tell their bros to go for the kill.
As a cute girl struts by... You say "D.S.!" to your buddy next to you.
by Sunshine December 06, 2004
A polite way of saying dumbass
A not-so-polite way
Dude 1: He is so dumbass!

A polite way
Dude 1: He's so ds!
by IDCwyuK June 26, 2011
Dick Stopper (Known as a girl with a big nose). Her nose stops her from deepthroating a dudes penis fully.
No D.S's here!
by s k a t e May 03, 2011
Dick Suck, meaning love life, or sex life.
Tom: How's the DS?
Pete: Awesome, Jenny gave me a blowjob last week.
by Kelsobaby June 25, 2009

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