Acronym. Doggystyle. When a man bends over or mounts a woman for the purpose of fornicating.
Hey Sara, that was some great D.S. last night.
I wouldn't mind slamming against those cheecks again!
by Brain Food February 29, 2008
Abnormally large; humongous; gigantic.
John "Check out that girl's D's ass!"
Ian "Holy crap! That is D's!"
by fohren39 November 13, 2011
short for Dick Slapped. As in a guy grabs his dick and slaps a sexual partner with it while it is properly erected. similar to tea bagging, could also be used to simulate FAIL.
I had sexual intercourse With that attractive young lady, and DSed her afterwards.
by DSerX10 February 07, 2010
Down Syndrome. Not ment in a offensive way. Kind of like callin someone a dumb ass, just on the next level
Dude that kid is hella ds
by ladmo February 02, 2004
Initialism for "dick suck".

"I got me a 'D.S.' from that skanky chick from down the street."
Nintendo Ds / Nintendo Ds Lite
"i am going to play on my ds "
by XxsOpHXx August 10, 2007
dick sucking
she got them ds lips
by jessica February 18, 2004

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