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Korean for "hahaha."
"It is how the Koreans laugh while playing StarCraft, before collapsing into a coma for playing 85 hours straight. ^__^"

genmay FAQ
by d00d March 01, 2005
Chinese superhero

"...unless you're Anthony by day and TAP SUM BONG by night!"
by d00d July 15, 2004
A girls best friend/ The hardest mineral on earth.
Diamonds are forever.
by d00d June 27, 2003
To have the sudden urge to masturbate in a public place, usually a restaurant, and to then start beating off savagely.
O man did you here? Bobby had a wack attack at his nephews birthday party! What a sick bastard.
by d00d April 27, 2004
Girl who sleeps with hockey players. Frequently heard on northern college campuses.
Damn, ain't nothin' but pucksluts up in this bitch. I'mma be couch bombing tonight.
by d00d June 11, 2003
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