D's would be Dayton wire wheels. There are many types of wire wheels, but Daytons are what are called "knock-off" wheels which means that the wheel is held on the car by a central hub ie spinner. They range from 13x7 on up to 22, 23's. This is the orginal meaning.....
Did you see those 120 spoke D's on that low-low....
by Hellbound13 January 25, 2007
Nintendo DS, a new line for Nintendo handhelds running side by side with their current Gameboy not replacing. Nintendo DS was relased on November 21st 2004 in North America, and has done more than well since then striking up tons of sales in both foreign countrys and here. Wi-fi was not seen untill a year later, upon the relase of the upcoming Mario Kart DS, and Animal Crossing DS. It offers a free online plan, and has two screens Dual Screen (DS). Nintendo DS has several different colors, and many more to come. Nintendo DS sports a huge, and plentfull lines of highly annticpated titles such as.

Mario Kart DS, Pheniox Wright, Truama Center, Castlevania, Nintendogs, Mario Basketball, Animal Crossing, Biohazard (Resident Evil), Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos, Jump Superstars, Final Fantasy III, Zelda DS, Mario 64 DS, Trace Memory, Advance Wars DS, Sonic Rush, Marvel Nemsis, Metorid Prime Hunters, Sonic Rush, Tony Hawk American sk8land, snowboard kids, dbz, Metorid Pinball, Band Brothers, Viewtfull Joe DS, New Super Mario Bros....And much more.

Nintendo DS, has a huge variety of third party companys working for them, and a future filled with a new online plan, coming november 2005. Nintendo DS's bottom screen is a touch screen, and the system sports 3d graphics. It has built in wireless play, download play, and pictochat, and can play GBA titles. And can even play music, movies, and have images with the purchase of play-yan (import).
"Nintendo DS...Touching Is Good"
by Mr. Triumph October 08, 2005
Among many OTHER possible definitions, WITHIN the HIP-HOP context, D's/Deez/Dees can stand for DA, deputy, or otherwise law enforcement in general.
Mobb Deep (Hell on Earth) - Here come the D's.
Biggie (Missing U) - We was fine till the D's crept in.
50-cent (In Da Hood) - Now the D's, they harass me in the 'hood.

There are many other examples, just listen to a few albums.
by Gman3154 May 18, 2007
Shortened name for McDonalds, a shortened form of the widely used slang term "Maccy Ds". Often used in Manchester and the North West of England.
Q: "Coming down Ds mate?"
A: "Nah I fancy a Cs (KFC) instead"
by Mildert's no. 9 April 08, 2009
Drug squad
Look out for me
Let's trip on L.S.D.
Look out for me
D.S. look out for me
by tijfg July 21, 2008
To double swipe with a friend, this is when you enter the subway using one metro fare and getting in two people.
Yo abdulla, i dont have any money right now, lets D-S.
by Shazaamizer June 25, 2006
1.Nintendo DS, that can stand for Double screen, dual screen.

2. Dip shit

3.dog shit
1. Guy 2: hey did you get your new DS.
Guy 1: yeah, im lucky, it was the last one.

2. Guy 1: hey, dare me to PO (girl's name)
Guy2: Dude, don't be a ds, she has fellings too.

3. Guy 1 walking down street. (Squish sound): Oh! i just stepped in DS!
by funnyman21224 August 05, 2010

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