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Used as an alias be many people. Originally meant 'a russian king' in russia ;)
Hey Czar, How are you

Czar Romminko would like to see you
by Jessen July 01, 2003
79 25
To get flamepoked in such a way you burst into flames because of it.
Oh man you got czared,

see pwned
by Shigity Shwa November 17, 2009
16 21
The newest, latest, and greatest drug. Only the coolest of the cool know about it, and how to get it.
guy: Whoa, dude, last night was crazy. That Czar, whoa, just whoa.
other guy: What's Czar?
guy: Nevermind.
by iamthecameltoe August 29, 2009
17 31
noun: someone who controls ur life for a long time, messes up ur brain & u, then screws u over, usually taking all ur friends
also, someone who is bi-curious or promiscuous or a habitual liar

verb: czared - getting screwed over or cheated on
girl 1: I think my ex was a total czar even though he was good in bed
girl 2: i'm horny but i'll stay away from him coz i totally dont wanna get czared
by papershredder October 07, 2010
22 38
Common reference to pizza in certain Boston neighborhoods
Lets hit Mario's and grab a czar for lunch
by Mike February 11, 2005
16 65