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1. A random-bred or mixed-breed dog. Usually used in a derogatory way.

2. A highly-specialized type of dog, usually bred for hunting. Cur dogs don't conform to a breed standard, as they aren't a true breed. They are bred solely based on their working ability and vary quite a bit in appearance. Not derogatory when used to describe this type of dog.
1. "What kind of dog is that?" "Oh, I don't know... just a cur."

2. "That's a nice cur dog you've got. Bet he's great with hogs."
by hogdog4 May 15, 2011
1: a half breed or mongrel dog.

2: any dog that will not defend it's self.

3: Cur Breed, a dog breed for no other reason except looks.
Who owns that cur running around loose in the park?


"Hey Bob, what do ya think of that guys dog?"
"yea, it might be nice to look at, but it's just another cur breed piece of shit"
by twobarbreak December 14, 2008
1. (Noun) - Derogatory term for a dog of any breed that displays cowardice or lacks fighting spirit.
2. (Noun) - Derogatory term, usually used by owners or supporters of American Pit Bull Terrier dogs, to refer to any dog breed other than the American Pit Bull Terrier.
"If that cur of yours bites me, I'll have my Pit Bull tear him up!"
by Quanfa88 June 15, 2013
An unkempt 'person' who identifies as an Afghan. Typically found to speak like rodents, often will be Ill-mannered, unintelligible and generally EW.

Quite simply: Cur's, are basically dahati.

Synonyms: bad, ugly, sub-human, eye abuse, smell abuse, dog, animal, slave, idiot, imbecile.
Soraya (Afghan): Hey Rachel, can I copy your homework..?

Rachel: Ew no get away from me you fucking Cur.


Jason: Hey Dude! Check her out... JAYEEEZ! That rack man...

Thomas (to Jason): WTF Bro, it's a Cur. So not cool bro. Not cool.

*Jason becomes nauseated and rushed home to bathe in bleach*.
via giphy
by Better than you. May 11, 2016
A mean-spirited mangy mutt dog of no pedigree.
Careful you don't get bit by that cur! You'll need shots for rabies, mange, syphilis, rubella and tb.
by canis major November 29, 2010
1. Short-speak for 'coward', as used in the popular game Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

2. Abbreviation for the racial slang of a white person, being 'cracker' (cra-cur), used in many communities esp. in the United States.
"You better run, you stupid cur!"

"Yeah, you BETTER run you stupid cur!"
by Stupid Cur August 14, 2009
1.The word means a person who struggles to coincide with the modern society and can not cope with strange quotes like " Dat Ass". The person also struggles to understand simple jokes like a person being named "Brownie Shytles" or "Bend Over".

2. The word can also mean to get "the pussy"

3. The word is an an antonym to "Douchebag" and "Faggot"

4. The act of insanity
Person 1: "Dude you ok?" "Your lack of understanding seems to give me the impression that you are curs?"

Person 2: "I feel like a curs, got any drinks?"

Person 3: "Sick dude, I feel for you bro that trick was curs!"

Person 4: "That swag dude, about to get some curs tonight!"
by The Curs Dude December 04, 2013
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