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The practice of going to a well known area where bogans congregate, or a typically bogan suburb, to observe the latest in bogan dramas (that is, women with cigarette voices screeching at their rat-tailed kids, and men in flannellette shirts swearing, drinking VB and saying lewd things to innocent passerbys) and developments in boganwear (like the slow decline of the mullet, to be replaced with the rat's tail).

A form of solipsism, with bogans as the subject.
"Where you off to?"
"Oh, I'm going bogan watching at Broady."
by jely April 07, 2008
A haircut where the majority of the hair is cut short, with one long, thin "tail" of hair hanging at the back of the neck, and is often bleached blonde. Characteristic of both bogans and muzzas. Similar to the mullet, but with much less hair left long, and steadily replacing it in popularity.
"Look at the rat's tail on that bogan kid."
by jely April 07, 2008
A misleading term referring to speed, whizz or goey. It implies that such drugs are prevalent amongst the bogan community but, of course, true bogans can't afford those drugs.
"What's wiv the bogan dust?"
"Nah, this ain't bogan dust, it's muzza dust."
by jely April 07, 2008
The opposite of concur. You can use this word in Europe.
"There are sexier men than David Bowie."
"I cur!"
by jely April 28, 2009

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