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1: a half breed or mongrel dog.

2: any dog that will not defend it's self.

3: Cur Breed, a dog breed for no other reason except looks.
Who owns that cur running around loose in the park?


"Hey Bob, what do ya think of that guys dog?"
"yea, it might be nice to look at, but it's just another cur breed piece of shit"
by twobarbreak December 14, 2008
1: a person who relies on others creativity to steal their maneuver's which take skill and dexterity which can be done in sports or dance.

2: a person who takes credit for making up moves, that he/she in fact took from someone else.

1: "hey Joe, don't show off your best tricks, because there is a Move burglar watching"

2: "That guy could be so good, unfortunately, he is a move burglar and can't create anything of his own"

3: Bill "hey guys check out this move i made up!"

Steve "dude, you stole that from Larry, your such a move burglar!"

by twobarbreak December 18, 2008
a personal dig on a friend or enemy, depending on how you say it.

Implying an extreme Blow Job from their sister.
driver honking his horn: "Get out of the way asshole!"

Joe Flicking off driver "YOUR SISTERS THROAT!"
by twobarbreak December 20, 2008
A cult which started in Utah, that based on Perverted Bigotry. Through out history they believe they are greater then then other people, starting with women, then American and recently gays. Only When their non profit status gets threatened do they change their religion to include others.
steve "hey Bob did you see the way that guy treated those lesbians?"

Bob " yea, what fucking Mormon"
by twobarbreak December 19, 2008

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