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A cross-breed, can be a derogatory name for those of mixed heritage.
that mixed girl looks like a mongrel
by MixedRaceCutie October 09, 2006
The mongrel is a wiley animal.
<Vertigo> A mongrel is a wiley animal
by Count Vlad of Mongosteinergarten October 14, 2004
a rather unexplainable term used when you really dont like a person. marked by ugliness, rudeness, fatness, etc.
She is such a mongrel!
by mdoarngiaenlle November 02, 2008
Used to describe someone who's accent is all over the place. Intended as a compliment.

Definitely not racist.
That girl sounded like she was from Manchester, Wales and Lincoln all at the same time - she was a proper mongrel-in a good way
by Granny robber August 05, 2015
An annoying person who never shuts the fuck up and gives people their opinion when nobody fucking wants to hear it.
guy: wow could she have been anymore of an mongrel today.
guy 2: fuck tell me about it.
by rablerablerable May 29, 2011
A knob in a state of high alert, viz a viz a watchdog or robber's cur. A slightly less prepared version is know as a half-mongrel, or slung-mong.
Oaf: "By crikey, I'm so enamoured of that gentlelady that my mongrel is verily frothing at the mouth. I fear I shall soil my tweeds with nut muck!"
by Mr Marky January 30, 2008
Anyone Conor determines to be a mongrel, or a little bitch
Colleen is a little mongrel
by ftl69 January 15, 2007

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