cup caking means flirting with another person doing anything leading up to, and excluding sex.
hugging, kissing, feeing up on the other person, and could be servicing (however that depends on the other party's definitions and boundaries of what cup caking is)
by plumeriakisses March 18, 2009
The act of farting into your cupped hand, trapping it, and moving the confined stench to a victims nose or mouth to cause nausea and discomfort.
"Yo Josh"


"Guess what I just had"

*Just tell me*

"A...CUPCAKE!" (Proceed to place stench in face)
by Jaykardee December 15, 2009
adjective: a word used to describe the act of talking on the phone with a significant other with romantic or affectionate content, usually with funny cute nick names or words.
"I love you too my cute lil smootsy poo!"

"Hey, Josh, quit cup-caking and get back to work!"
by Max DW. November 10, 2007
Especially amongst teens, it's when a boy gives a girl a bunch of PDA(public displays of affection), so she feels all important in front of her friends, in the hopes that it leads to sex.
boy 1: Man, why you buyin' this bitch flowers and holdin' hands all the time?
boy 2: I'm cupcaking her. I'll be fuckin' her by the end of the week, watch!
by AnEarToOaklandSpeak July 13, 2010
When a guy is with a girl and can't answer his phone.
Don't bother calling him, he's off cup caking.
by Golightlee June 04, 2014
Cupcaking = Playing boyfriend and Girlfriend for a short period of time. Not exceeding 48hrs
I was cupcaking with this Ho last weekend in Vegas.
by uno-siete July 04, 2014
The act of throwing freshly baked cupcakes at someone's vehicle or property.
My ex made me mad, so after I pull the cupcakes out of the oven, we are going cupcaking.
by Mad Blonde July 28, 2010

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