When a female wears a top that is two small and her breasts roll over the top
Yo, that girl is cupcaking or Did you see those cupcakes
by endorphin May 26, 2012
to cuddle with someone
while waiting for her ride, she began cupcaking with a guy friend
by yureika October 09, 2008
A way to refer to someone with a large butt.
Kara: Wow, you're boyfriend has a huge ass.

Maya: Yeah, my baby's cupcaking ;)
by Mayapapaya97 June 29, 2013
Cupcaking is when someone is flirting with another.

Mostly heard from guys.

Most guys are cupcaking it with girls. =D
Damn, Alex be cupcaking it with all them hoes!

Hey Ricky you been cupcakin it with your lady?
by Dairycock December 04, 2008
Verb. To cupcake or cup-caking. Used to describe the art of bogarding or holding onto an object for a long period of time, most often used when smoking in a group.
Dude pass me that joint man your cup-caking over there.
by timetrain April 28, 2011
When one lays some gas and proceeds to catch it with their hands making a fist and then use it for another purpose, often a practical joke for the poor smell.
John "That sewage downstairs smells so bad!"
Bruce "Yeah, I know, when the elevator comes up it is cupcaking the whole buildinge"
by Dante V October 09, 2009
sitting intimately next to someone else in a flirtatious manner (like fresh cupcakes that expand on a baking pan to touch one another)
damn, look at them cupcaking like two cupcakes
by kflee April 22, 2008

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