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Skimpy female clothing, worn to advertise one's willingness to fornicate.
C'mon Charlene, get your shag rags on - we're hitting the clubs !
by snaptacular February 19, 2008
Like budgie smugglers, but for the particularly well endowed.
I was going to take the piss out of that guy in the budgie smugglers, but when he turned around, turned out he had pigeon smugglers on !
by snaptacular February 04, 2009
A crap word sometimes used by snapperheads to make themselves sound intellectual, rather than using one of the many other more generally accepted alternatives like "process" or even "do".
the bank failed to transact my transfer
by snaptacular August 02, 2007
One whose sex life has become so diluted by lack of sex that it is now largely composed of memories of past sexual encounters and is unlikely to contain any actual physical sexual activity.
Since his missus stopped putting out, Bob has been getting so little action he's transformed into a homeosexual
by snaptacular June 12, 2014
Enclosing a small portion of a fart in your cupped hand, then releasing it directly under someones nose for instant effect.
Man, I was cupcaking those silent but deadlys onto everyone last night
by snaptacular October 12, 2007

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