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The devestator IS the shocker. 2 shockers that is. Combined. Place your hands together as if praying, then simply fold both ring fingers over and use your thumbs to "speed bag" the clitoris.
I gave her the shocker...nothing. So I tried the spocker...still nothing. Then I used the twizzler...not a damn thing. I had to resort to the devestator. She won't leave me alone now!
by Brownout March 25, 2005
Similar to the shocker, only with your index finger in vaginal opening and ring finger and pinky together in the rectum
Last night I got drunk and let him give me the devestator
by LT shocker June 13, 2004
To tit-fuck a woman in reverse so that your ass is in her face.
I gave that stuck up bitch the devestator last night.
by sean999 September 05, 2006

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