Cupcaking (verb).

Cupcaking is a word used when someone makes the common error, known formorly as: Circumlocution.

This occurs when a person is trying to tell a story or get their point across but ends up speaking in round-a-bouts and babbles nonsense.
Emily: ... and people were there, and like, there was a horse- but it wasn't a horse it was more of a bull, well, hardly a bull. It had feathers and it was running, well, jumping... No, sliding!
Jen: Um, Emily... Wtf are you trying to say? You're cupcaking, badly!
by planetchad June 12, 2009
The act of flirting with your crush via text message. Specifically texting the opposite-sex.
Trent's parents took away his text messaging plan because he was constantly cupcaking The Bonfon.
by 1heart1way January 16, 2008
When teens flirt with one another, especially with random people at parties.
Karina got upset when she found her boyfriend cupcaking with some random girl.
by Susical March 02, 2008
Enclosing a small portion of a fart in your cupped hand, then releasing it directly under someones nose for instant effect.
Man, I was cupcaking those silent but deadlys onto everyone last night
by snaptacular October 12, 2007
The act of talking to your boy/girlfriend lovey dovey
Tom was suppose to go out with the boys, he rather be cupcaking with his girl.
by Leah Graham September 25, 2007
When choosing to not wear pants, and instead only wearing underwear especially with cupcakes printed on them.
So are you going to wear those new snowboarding pants you bought yesterday? No, I'm cupcaking it.
by Hello Cupcakes February 10, 2009
The art of ensuring that your fart is smelt by your victim, and possibly even breathed in.
Basically you cook up a real stinker in your colon, CUP your hands over your "exit-hole", let loose taking care not to 'spill' the contents, and waft/push/throw into your victims face so they get the full 'benefit'.

Then casually remind them that fart is made up of minute microscopic poo-particles and they have in fact, 'just eaten your shit'.
Jed sneaked up on Gaz, with a real devestator lodged in his bowel. Discretely he moved his hands to his arse, farted whilst simultaneously cupping then unleashed his stink on Gaz'z person, Cupcaking him.

Gaz gags and Jed laughs his ass off.
by Jeddycakes October 21, 2007

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