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An aid for young straight males in order to define the age of a young looking peice of ass.
It is often done silently, accompanied by a knowing smirk, and a 'thumbs-up' by at least two people. It is now considered to be ok to go 'tap that ass'.
It'll hold up in court as well.
Jed: Look at that mate! she looks a bit young though....

Gaz: I'll TWO MAN RULE it.. (knowing smile, thumb up)

Jed: Allllrrrright! (Thumb up)
by Jeddycakes September 17, 2006
Euphemism used to decribe the actions/appendages of boy-hungry paedophiles. Can be descriptive, as in
"my turds as brown as a Bishops finger. Now thats a lot of fibre!"
Oh, its a beer in England as well.

Priest: Time to clean my BISHOPS FINGER, Gregory.

Poor little innocent kid (Gregory): Not again! (sob)

Priest: Just do it. It's all brown and poostinky.

by Jeddycakes September 17, 2006
The art of ensuring that your fart is smelt by your victim, and possibly even breathed in.
Basically you cook up a real stinker in your colon, CUP your hands over your "exit-hole", let loose taking care not to 'spill' the contents, and waft/push/throw into your victims face so they get the full 'benefit'.

Then casually remind them that fart is made up of minute microscopic poo-particles and they have in fact, 'just eaten your shit'.
Jed sneaked up on Gaz, with a real devestator lodged in his bowel. Discretely he moved his hands to his arse, farted whilst simultaneously cupping then unleashed his stink on Gaz'z person, Cupcaking him.

Gaz gags and Jed laughs his ass off.
by Jeddycakes October 21, 2007

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