One of the more well-known criminal gangs operating in the U.S. I'm not a gang member but after seeing the large number of posts on here either calling gang members stupid, retarded, racist type stuff etc. I felt I should put in my two cents. I know a few Crips and none of them are dumb, uneducated, or slow witted. The internet is a great place for people to hide behind a computer screen and say shit they'd never dare to someone's face. It's pretty hilarious reading the posts obviously authored by the typical "borderline retarded" low class white supremacist types, who ironically are usually more ignorant and intellectually challenged than whatever race they choose to blame their problems on that day. Before all you backwoods rednecks try to lynch me, you should know that I'm a white guy. I don't condone gangs committing criminal acts but at the same time I don't have any sympathy for racists either, who in my opinion are some of the least intelligent, simple-minded, and misguided types of people. If more white supremacists were smart enough to successfully graduate high school they'd probably be able to understand that the color of a person's skin and their cultural heritage have exactly nothing to do with their intelligence or abilities. But hey, I know that it's a lot easier for people to deny responsibility for their own problems and blame everything on someone else. And it's even easier to blame it all on a group of people who look different from you.
"Cuz I'm a Crip nigga, everything to the left, blue rag in my pocket nigga bang to the death..."
by JizzleFizzle October 17, 2013
A gang formed around in the 60s by Stanley Williams and Raymond Washington what most people seem to not know is that the gang itself of Crips is not all just one big unified gang they are broken into what is call sets in which each crip set has there own rules and laws while the main color of crips is thought to be blue a crip set will mix in colors along with blue to separate them self from other crip sets it is also possible for Crips to have rivals with other crips not in there set as shown on National Geographic documentary on LA crips with the "Acacia blocc crips" who where heaving conflict with other crips and as you can see they put there set name first. and all the other definitions are jokes no information just personal insight calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter
no those set of crips made a truce with another set of bloods for now to kill another rival crip set
by Razerclips666 June 10, 2011
A term for very good or potent marijuana.
This is some crip brah

Dude, this is some crip shit
by 808cheeba August 30, 2011
a very powerful gang originally from LA, the crips adopt the color blu. rivals are the blood gang. crips stomp all over bloods. RIP TOOKIE. Crips are particulary ballin most of the time, showing off their money, women, &rides
aye mayne' them must be the crips they ballin.
by southsidechik August 30, 2009
Gang member, originated in early 1970's, CRIP is NO abbreviation of any organization imagined or otherwise thought to be true, as the media, the "man" would like for you to beleive. CRIP term was taken as a way of "our walk, back in the day. Walk like a cripple, carry a cane"...that's were the word CRIP started. I am a lady OG of Los Angeles, 1970's.
Crips started as young teens seeking family/structure/protection. Sought to protect themselves, family, and neighborhoods from imagined imminent danger/take-over. When they realized their strenghts as a team, is when the criminal activites began.
by LADY OG November 30, 2008
A thin, French pancake, that can be tasty and sweet with the right topping. Crips were referenced in the unfunny movie Talladega Nights when Borat wanted Ricky Bobby to acknowledge that crips were sweet and harmless. Unfortunately Ricky didnt listen and got his arm broken.
Yo, dawg, we be goin to IHOP and diggin on some quality mothafuckin crips, BITCH!
by D-WHO!? June 15, 2008
a gang that wears all blue and hates the bloods.
jamie- hey look that fake ass kyle kid is wearing a red bandana.
crip-im gonna blast on dat foo.
by Jmoney69 January 22, 2008

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