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slang for marijuana in Kauai,hawaii.im pretty sure this is the only island that uses this word for weed aka Pakalolo
person 1:"Ho Killa wherez da crip?"
person 2:"ho brah i getum"
person 1:"hurry guy,bustum out!"
person 2:"ho shootz den"
by u da haole January 08, 2007
Eastside Soldier
Stay true rep tha BLUE
by Silkie December 14, 2003
Something cool, sick, good or whateva.
"That muh-fucka is a crip snowboarder."
by Diego August 10, 2003
A British slang word for a man's ball sack.
"Father, why do those people in Los Angeles California call themselves crips?"
"I guess they fancy themselves to resemble a scrotum."
by Brit by Birth October 14, 2008
noun: a pidgin term for marijuana. not to be confused for the crips gang.
oh man bu i get da crips, you get paper?
by hawaiianstile June 14, 2011
A person who has a physical disability that does not allow normal motor skills.
A person with Dyspraxia is a Crip.
by #1andtheone June 21, 2009
A term for very good or potent marijuana.
This is some crip brah

Dude, this is some crip shit
by 808cheeba August 30, 2011