slang for marijuana in Kauai, pretty sure this is the only island that uses this word for weed aka Pakalolo
person 1:"Ho Killa wherez da crip?"
person 2:"ho brah i getum"
person 1:"hurry guy,bustum out!"
person 2:"ho shootz den"
by u da haole January 08, 2007
Something cool, sick, good or whateva.
"That muh-fucka is a crip snowboarder."
by Diego August 10, 2003
One of the more well-known criminal gangs operating in the U.S. I'm not a gang member but after seeing the large number of posts on here either calling gang members stupid, retarded, racist type stuff etc. I felt I should put in my two cents. I know a few Crips and none of them are dumb, uneducated, or slow witted. The internet is a great place for people to hide behind a computer screen and say shit they'd never dare to someone's face. It's pretty hilarious reading the posts obviously authored by the typical "borderline retarded" low class white supremacist types, who ironically are usually more ignorant and intellectually challenged than whatever race they choose to blame their problems on that day. Before all you backwoods rednecks try to lynch me, you should know that I'm a white guy. I don't condone gangs committing criminal acts but at the same time I don't have any sympathy for racists either, who in my opinion are some of the least intelligent, simple-minded, and misguided types of people. If more white supremacists were smart enough to successfully graduate high school they'd probably be able to understand that the color of a person's skin and their cultural heritage have exactly nothing to do with their intelligence or abilities. But hey, I know that it's a lot easier for people to deny responsibility for their own problems and blame everything on someone else. And it's even easier to blame it all on a group of people who look different from you.
"Cuz I'm a Crip nigga, everything to the left, blue rag in my pocket nigga bang to the death..."
by JizzleFizzle October 17, 2013
A British slang word for a man's ball sack.
"Father, why do those people in Los Angeles California call themselves crips?"
"I guess they fancy themselves to resemble a scrotum."
by Brit by Birth October 14, 2008
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