Eastside Soldier
Stay true rep tha BLUE
by Silkie December 14, 2003
slang for marijuana in Kauai,hawaii.im pretty sure this is the only island that uses this word for weed aka Pakalolo
person 1:"Ho Killa wherez da crip?"
person 2:"ho brah i getum"
person 1:"hurry guy,bustum out!"
person 2:"ho shootz den"
by u da haole January 08, 2007
Something cool, sick, good or whateva.
"That muh-fucka is a crip snowboarder."
by Diego August 10, 2003
A British slang word for a man's ball sack.
"Father, why do those people in Los Angeles California call themselves crips?"
"I guess they fancy themselves to resemble a scrotum."
by Brit by Birth October 14, 2008
noun: a pidgin term for marijuana. not to be confused for the crips gang.
oh man bu i get da crips, you get paper?
by hawaiianstile June 14, 2011
A person who has a physical disability that does not allow normal motor skills.
A person with Dyspraxia is a Crip.
by #1andtheone June 21, 2009
A crippled person; someone who cannot walk
He's a crip and must get about in a wheelchair.
by cdigrobts November 01, 2014

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