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a pidgin or Hawaiian creole english term meaning later on, at a later time, not right now etc. it is derived from the term "bye and bye" or "bye the bye"
kanaka 1: 'eh! can grab my book?

kanaka 2: ahh bumbye, my show ste on right now.
by hawaiianstile August 12, 2010
noun: the hawaiian word for marijuana. it is a combination of the word "paka" which means tobako, and "lolo" which means numb or paralyzed.
brah i get da good pakalolo
by hawaiianstile June 14, 2011
noun: a term used in pidgin that is applied to a person. it is most often a very friendly term, but can be used when the people conversing are not friendly towards each other.
1. "sup bulleh" or "howzit bulleh"
2. "what bulleh!? get problem?"
by hawaiianstile June 14, 2011
noun: a pidgin term for marijuana. not to be confused for the crips gang.
oh man bu i get da crips, you get paper?
by hawaiianstile June 14, 2011
noun: a pidgin term for marijuana. specifically really good marijuana. this definition is derived from the standard english "killers"

adj/adv: a pidgin term meaning awesome, or exceptional.
noun: "brah get yo bong i wen grab some killahs"

adj: "ho bulleh dat spear is killahs"

adv: "brah dat right hook you wen crack um wit was killahs"
by hawaiianstile June 14, 2011

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