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community revolution in progress
K~SWISS fuCC all pussy ass slobs yall bitches aint shit and dats real cuzz!!!! GSB-rep wit dat blue flag till im gone!!!! blue all true and red always end up dead!!!!
by _GHOST_ February 14, 2005
(GSB)~GOON~SQUAD~BANDITS we dat tight ass clicc fuccin up all pussy ass slobs fucc dem pussy ass slobs K~SWISS ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!! GSB GONNA REP WIT DAT BLUE FLAG TILL WE DIE CUZZ GSB RIDE AND DIE WIT DA BLUE FLAG FO SHO CUZZ!!!!
a cuzz go get da GOONIES we got some shit 2 handle!!!!
by _GHOST_ February 27, 2005
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