A short man with a bad temper and no sense of how to act in society. One that is easily angered and can't be reasoned with. In general he is a lil bitch and should be shunned.
Craig Allen Hensley
by Bobohio December 02, 2013
Somebody who is boring, never goes out and is always the first to call it a night.
Person A - "I think I might go home"
Person B - "Come on mate don't be a Craig"
Person A - "Oh OK I don't want to be a Craig"
by CLGW93 February 25, 2015
A man thats a hipster and shows off everytime he does something. Puts you down everytime he gets the chance eventough hes not that great himself.
A:Haha. I ran faster. You suck.
B:Wow.Hes a real Craig
by heymynameisjeff February 17, 2015
an extremly sensitve guy that will cling on to you like a lost koala bear. He will hid everything back untill he is comfertable with you and even then, he expects you to figure the rest of him out. He is a wealthy man, but dont let money get in your head, its not worth it.
man, you found him stuck on your back this time... that thing is such a craig!
by candyrox May 06, 2012
(verb) To masturbate under a desk or table during class.

Only applies to men masturbating as "craig" is a masculine verb. Only masturbating under a desk or table does not constitute as craiging, the deed must occur in a classroom during a lecture or other educational lesson.

Origin: From the Celtic name "Craig" transformed through anthimeria from a noun into a verb because of a dumbass of the same name performing said act.
"Hey, did you hear about that kid in Mr. Witt's class?"
"Craig? Masturbating? Yeah I heard."
"He was totally craiging!"

"Did you see our substitute teacher's cleavage?"
"Yeah, I'm totally going to craig to that"
"Great idea man, pass the hand lotion."
by Celph Titled February 06, 2012
You sir are a Craig
by #YOLOSweg16 December 14, 2014
The term craig can be used anywhere, it depends on what craig means and where it is used.

To be craig - to be hench/ripped/peng/beasty/manly.

Craig you up - to rape/have sex/beat up/touch up etc.

To be craiging - weight training, taking a fat dump, to be just loling.

just sayin.
we all love a bit of craig
by lukenukem1012 June 07, 2011

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