Ultimate faggot.

That guy is such a fuckin' Craig.

I can't believe how Craig that guy is.
by Kawaii kid August 12, 2014
To be stood up with no explanation.

To be craiged.
'What happened to your date last night?'
'They stood me up and didn't tell me why'
'Oh how awful. I would hate to get craiged.'

'You better come tonight, don't craig me'

'I can't believe he didn't turn up. He pulled a craig'
by hiviz2010 February 20, 2010
A womanising douchebag. Changes girls from week to week, is never sure what he wants and will up and leave as soon as a new option comes along. Immature in matters of the heart, and the victim of his own indecisiveness. Tries to be silly because he thinks it's endearing, but once you know him well enough you see that it is just immature and not cute at all.

Watch out for this one - he's charming in a silly way, but he'll break your heart.
1. 'Did you hear? Bonnie got dumped!' 'Oh no! What a Craig.' 2. 'Craig has been cheating on Jess with Hazel.' 'No surprises there.'
by Kya-chan March 10, 2011
Someone that has husky eyes. This person is known as dogeyes and can often be seen playing with other dogs playing at the park or dogging people. It is also a very good touch football team.
when you steal someones money. oh you craig dogeyes lawler
by Amazing 1 March 26, 2010
A boy who is so prude to the point where you want to rape him and when put in action (ex:show him your boobs) he will literally cry.
Stacy: "Look at that Craig, Natasha is totally throwing herself at him and he's running away."
Tom: "I know right."
by pedofile27 June 28, 2010
Adjective: A man usually with long sideburns, broad shoulders and a powerful walk!
"That guy is well Craig-like! Look at his side-burns!"
by xweirdsciencex March 08, 2009
Any guy named Craig will most defiantly lead you on and fuck you over. No matter how nice they seem to be its all a joke. Craigs only want sex they dont usually care about anything else besides that
random person: Hi
Craig: wanna have sex?
random person: i dont even know you!
by coolstorybro81 December 11, 2010

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