Craig's are usually lazy, and addicted to football. They love food, and sleep, and lazing around on the sofa all day long.
What are you doing today?

Craig: I'm gonna take a nap then watch the football

by ABRibena October 28, 2014
a manuever in the lunch line where one talks to another and then gets into the line.
" Look at Kamari, he's attempting a Craig"

"he has balls"
by datkidarounddablock December 07, 2012
Look at jesus's dad craig
by bangbang247 October 22, 2012
a super hot version of the classic "negative nellie". except a dude with amazing eyes. who gives great piggy back rides and back rubs and protects you from mean ass goth kids. he doesn't believe in himself, but he's an awesome person deep down. i'm talking deep deep deep deep deeeeeeep down.
girl 1- dude, i need a craig right now, that goth kid just bitched at me, and we would totally go kick his ass and then craig would give me a piggy back ride.

by yourmotharrr November 20, 2010
When you have some wine left and ask who wants it, Craig takes the bottle and takes the last of it. That's Craiging a bottle.
Me: Who wants the last of the wine?
Craig: I got it.
Me: You just Craig'd it.
by TonyToniToneFeelsGood June 07, 2014
Somebody who is boring, never goes out and is always the first to call it a night.
Person A - "I think I might go home"
Person B - "Come on mate don't be a Craig"
Person A - "Oh OK I don't want to be a Craig"
by CLGW93 February 25, 2015
to Craig (verb): when you laugh at something so hard and unexpectedly that your nose explodes with snot.
John: *tells a joke*
Robert: *snorts and sprays snot everywhere*
John: Dude, you totally just Craiged it!
by squeefa November 05, 2014

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