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When you have some wine left and ask who wants it, Craig takes the bottle and takes the last of it. That's Craiging a bottle.
Me: Who wants the last of the wine?
Craig: I got it.
Me: You just Craig'd it.
by TonyToniToneFeelsGood June 07, 2014
a super hot version of the classic "negative nellie". except a dude with amazing eyes. who gives great piggy back rides and back rubs and protects you from mean ass goth kids. he doesn't believe in himself, but he's an awesome person deep down. i'm talking deep deep deep deep deeeeeeep down.
girl 1- dude, i need a craig right now, that goth kid just bitched at me, and we would totally go kick his ass and then craig would give me a piggy back ride.

by yourmotharrr November 20, 2010
Tiny penis
Ahhh silly 4 year olds and their Craigs
by Nicknicknicknicknick March 17, 2014
(n) To forget the obvious while remembering the minute.
"Man, I left my house yesterday and remembered to put my new yellow shoelaces in my shoe. Then I realized I had forgotten to put on my pants."

"That is so Craig!"
by The Nabber December 05, 2012
A person who doesn't like much fun, and hates Zacks and Matts. He commonly like to suck your face with his hand.
I was just reading an e-book when Craig came. Now I have so much ice on my face.
by THE COOL FRIEND November 25, 2013
an extremly sensitve guy that will cling on to you like a lost koala bear. He will hid everything back untill he is comfertable with you and even then, he expects you to figure the rest of him out. He is a wealthy man, but dont let money get in your head, its not worth it.
man, you found him stuck on your back this time... that thing is such a craig!
by candyrox May 06, 2012
a good man, a boss, goes out with a chick named donah.
Has vivid fantasies about another woman named Erin
yo im craig, imma boss
man last nite while you kno what with donah, i was thinkin bout Erin
by notjeremyyo March 21, 2012