a good man, a boss, goes out with a chick named donah.
Has vivid fantasies about another woman named Erin
yo im craig, imma boss
man last nite while you kno what with donah, i was thinkin bout Erin
by notjeremyyo March 21, 2012
One Of The Biggest Retards In The World, He Normally Is Used to describe someone, Craig Alexander Was Born A Retard With one of the smallest dicks in the world and it weighs at a whopping 1.2 grams
Woah dude you are a "craig alexander".
by SlenderManIsCraig September 28, 2014
A person who doesn't like much fun, and hates Zacks and Matts. He commonly like to suck your face with his hand.
I was just reading an e-book when Craig came. Now I have so much ice on my face.
by THE COOL FRIEND November 25, 2013
constantly injures himself so that he can limp and gain sympathy as he think this is a way to pick up girls. obsessed with red, this is because he believes he is a demon child when in reality he is just a mong...this type of species commonly found in pairs, usually with a cairn (see UD for cairn). common catch phrases, 'thats how i roll' and 'you get me' even when there is nothing to get. can be seen as a demented frog and more often than not seen with a rape face. the name Craig is commonly associated with the 1983 rapist which is why Craig's are usually seen with a rape face. has a special dance which could be described as the hokey kokey however above all this is a very lovely person, just beware as he may rape you...
"yoo look at that lovely person doing the hokey kokey"

yo maan thats a craig hes got the venomous red on, watch out he may rape you check out the rape face"

"ah shit yeah damn his dance almost lured me in, thanks man you got my back"
by yobabes December 24, 2012
A move in the school lunch line where one or a small group of people sneak into the door where the people who have already gotten their lunch come out; attempting to get your lunch earlier; without getting caught.
Me: "look, Brittany and Brenna are attempting to pull a Craig!!"
Rachel: "They have balls."
See, reverse craig
by Buckaroooo March 01, 2010
Tiny penis
Ahhh silly 4 year olds and their Craigs
by Nicknicknicknicknick March 17, 2014
An inexperienced frequent flyer
Craig booked a flight on FlyDubai, and then later said he didn't know it was an airline.
by Walter22 June 08, 2011

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