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Craig is sexy hot and a really great guy <3

he is great to be around and funny...... he is also a great kisser and AMAZING IN BED ...... or on the couch which ever he picks ..... i promise u it will be amazing ....... just dont take another girls craig she will kill u
emily : OMG ...
steff : what ?
emily : i had sex with craig last night

steff : omg how was it craigs are apparently amazing
emily : EVEN BETTER !!!
by squeezyhuggs February 24, 2013
13 0
Verb or noun. To Craig: to have sexual intercourse withtout proper protection. i.e. a condom. Inspired by former professionnal hockey player, coach and executive Craig Mctavish, last NHLer to play without a helmet. Expression used in certain regions of hockey-mad Canada as well as Belgium. A close analogy is drawn here between the protection offered by hockey helmet and the one provided by a condom, which might be referred to as a "penis helmet".
"Chuck craiged a bagger last night, I really hope she was clean". "Another craig? No wonder your balls hurt!"
by LeDawg December 06, 2009
59 50
Smart, Nice, Cool and a technical wizard who loves games.
by Blooper150 April 22, 2013
8 1
Any swear word that you want it to be
She was being a craig when she gave him a detention
by whitey4298 December 21, 2010
19 12
a manuever in the lunch line where one talks to another and then gets into the line.
" Look at Kamari, he's attempting a Craig"

"he has balls"
by datkidarounddablock December 07, 2012
7 2
That white MF that stole my weed.
Hey, where's my weed? I know, that MF Craig took it all!!!
by Trechey February 03, 2010
44 41
When you have some wine left and ask who wants it, Craig takes the bottle and takes the last of it. That's Craiging a bottle.
Me: Who wants the last of the wine?
Craig: I got it.
Me: You just Craig'd it.
by TonyToniToneFeelsGood June 07, 2014
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