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Read somewhere in small platoons in Vietnam they had a drug called CORK , it was a suppository to prevent defecation when out on a mission.
LT. Tell the new FNG's to use CORK.
by Crpetersena January 11, 2009
Thigh Haematoma.
Cork thighs are common injuries in Australian Rules Football but usually are not serious. Occasionally, bleeding in the thigh can be severe.
Cork injuries can be deliberately inflicted by a swift blow to the thigh by a knee or punch.
For example, the Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos suffered a cork thigh during his career that required surgery to stop bleeding from deep arteries in his thigh. He was forced to wear a thigh pad to protect this region for the last few years of his career.
by xxblakbird November 23, 2007
(verb) To contain a ten-gallon batch of pubic hair by placing over it a ten-gallon hat. Often done in self-defense. Also corked, corking.
Madam, would you kindly cork your muff? I find it rather aesthetically displeasing.
by himguy November 09, 2006
a complete idiot who knows nothing about what he/she is talking about.
"He was a huge cork today"
by The distracted Runner October 22, 2006
silencerfor a gun so you let off shots quietly
got tha cork on my nine
by hellboy88 October 18, 2006
what you must insert to keep the hamster from escaping your ass.
He's in, now cork it before he gets out!
by Mike Oxhard July 13, 2006
A person of such unbelievable, super-human GIRTH that they can single-handedly block your way – typically in a shopping environment.
I can't get through this isle cause of the cork.

Look at that cork. How am I suppose to get around that?
by Shvelle November 07, 2007