A person who doesn't pay back his/her debts.
You gave that cork 2G? That scrilla's gone!
by EV October 24, 2002
verb: A slang term for expelling male ejaculate. To explosively shoot one's nut inside of or on to someone else.
"I had my girl friend bent over the table and right as she came, I pulled her hair back and popped my cork in her ass. It was beautiful."
by verticaver April 22, 2009
A person of such unbelievable, super-human GIRTH that they can single-handedly block your way – typically in a shopping environment.
I can't get through this isle cause of the cork.

Look at that cork. How am I suppose to get around that?
by Shvelle November 07, 2007
Damn girl, if your'e gonna wear white pants on your rag, at least put a cork in it!
by Mike the Piump May 19, 2003
When someone has sex with a woman while her tampon is in so that is put so far up her vagina she must have it removed.
"He corked me so hard on halloween I had to go to the gyno to have my tampon removed."
by The Green Hulk December 01, 2013
A cork is used in bottles to make sure liquid does not squirt out Example.
The 2 homosexuals corked eachother and milk squirted out.
by ThatSoFunny November 09, 2007
what you must insert to keep the hamster from escaping your ass.
He's in, now cork it before he gets out!
by Mike Oxhard July 13, 2006
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