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A wine that is flawed due to a damaged or broken cork, thus failing to preserve the wine over time.
A proper phrase to say when indicating that a wine is defected would be "pardon me, I do believe this wine is flawed". However, a slang phrase of a similar meaning would be "yo, this shit is corked!"
by Luis246 October 11, 2005
a trick that is off axis but not inverted mainly refering to skiing or snowboarding.
damn, that was a dope corked 9.
by alex July 16, 2004
When a female is on period and currently has a tampon in, preventing anything from coming out or going in.
Damn, that chick was such a bitch. She must be corked.
by Hilary and Dennis October 06, 2009
Bottled wine contaminated with TCA (2,4,6-Trichloroanisole). Wine contaminated with TCA has a very specific moldy smell which can overpower the wine's usual aroma. Most commonly, TCA is produced when naturally occurring fungi come in to contact with not so naturally occurring chlorophenols in the cork used to bottle the wine.

The Cork Oak tree may have ingested the chlorophenols and stuffed them in its bark, or they can get in when the finished cork is sterilized with bleach.
Waiter, this wine is corked.
by Hal Mounce July 22, 2009
Angry, mad, or upset
possibly softball related
also Torqued
We lost the game and I'm wicked corked!
by FrenchFry May 22, 2004
The female equivalent of the Cock Block.
I was about to make my move on that hot guy at the bar, until that fake-titted whore corked me!
by Eats Paste March 28, 2010
When someone get's messed with either phisically or emotionally in a humerous way that does not harm or insult the person that was "corked".
Person One: Dude, He got corked by that kid over there.

Person Two: Oh man, by who!?

Person One: By Chris Smith, he tried to make fun of him but couldn't.
by Terrence May 26, 2004

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