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The act of holding your bowels inside for as long as possible, even days.
He's been corking for a week now, i'm sure he's toxic
by Trini Grasshopper February 28, 2008
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When a female is prevented from scoring. Equivalent to a cock block for males.
Erin: You were totally corking me last night.
Stacy: Sorry for mentioning your crabs.
by KingOfTheMountains December 20, 2009
Corking, or "to cork", is when you place an object e.g. Fist, toy, thumb etc, into a man or women's anus. They then excrete said object back out, along with any other matter, that is packed inside.
Guy one: hey you two were making alot of noise last night
Guy two: yeah sorry we were trying to cork each other
Guy one: get out, I will not have corking in my house!
by disgusting smell December 12, 2011
Corking is when a man is engaging sexual intercourse with a woman, and realizes he has a gigantic load to give. It is at this point in time when the man grabs a giant cork, ejaculates into the woman's vagina, and plugs her up with the cork. After she has been plugged, the man jumps on her stomach.
Hey Jamal, what did you do last night?

"I corked her real good. She didn't even see it coming."

Nice. Corking is pretty cool.
by ashtonktchrlvr546 May 25, 2010
When a girl is on her period but still wants to go skinny dipping, so she utilizes a male escort's penis to use an equivalent to a tampon.
"You guys I really want to go skinny dipping with you, but I'm on my period right now. Brain, would you kindly help by corking me?
by g00dlandscaping June 29, 2012
A game involving homosexuals and a cork. Where one homosexual inserts a cork into their anus, they must see if they can blast the cork into the opponents eyes.

A points system is based around how much the opponent cries for and how many days they smell of wine and excrement.

The homosexual automatically wins if the 'receiving' homosexual is killed or seriously injured.
Example 1
Homo 1: "Bored?"
Homo 2: "Yes, what can we do?"
Homo 1: "Bit'a Corking?"
Homo 2: "Breathe in"

Example 2
Homo 1: "Fancy a game?"
Homo 2: "I'll get my good cork"
by flashkapOw July 10, 2009
This is a gay act in which the following happens:

A guy has a tiny cork put into his penis hole, and this causes it to strethc. They put in a bigger cork each time until, the hole is big enough for another man to put his penis into the first man's penis hole.
Gay guy 1: What do you want to try?
Gay guy 2: Some corking?
by Meteorain July 16, 2006

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