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5 definitions by FrenchFry

Angry, mad, upset
also Corked
I have to stay after school, I am so torqued!
by FrenchFry May 22, 2004
Angry, mad, or upset
possibly softball related
also Torqued
We lost the game and I'm wicked corked!
by FrenchFry May 22, 2004
1. Someone's just desserts
2. A cross between a cupcake and a muffin
You'll get your cumupins!
by FrenchFry May 22, 2004
Skilled Strategist and excellent tactition. Superb Mageborn player
by FrenchFry June 04, 2003
gosu Mageborn player and is feared by all.
by FrenchFry June 03, 2003